New Years

SO i know that everyone does a new years resolution and its fun but do we really ever really do our resolutions? Most likely not. I know i usually could not. SO this year i decided to do something different. I had found this challenge because i had been doing her work outs and love all that she has brought to the table. The program i am doing is the 30 day Push Challenge. And so far its been so wonderfully amazing. Instead of making a resolution i am making goals and i have a specific push goal i am working towards and also getting my life organized and better then ever. I seriously would suggest this to anyone who wants a change in their life. THe challenge is completely free and so worth it in the end. I am only on day 9 so far but i am telling you its the best. Wanna try it go to the link: you really will not want to stop you will start seeing things change every day that you do the challenge.

Well i hope everyone has a wonderful new years andy hope you all enjoy everything that i am posting. 😀 have a wonderful day and stay warm


Christmas day!

Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope you all had a great day as i have had with my families.

So does anyone have many houses to try to make it to each year for Christmas? Well i do. About 3 houses. I usually stop by and see my family for a little on Christmas and then head to my boyfriends family. Then Christmas day with his parents then family for dinner and the in the evening my family. It works great for us but maybe not for you. I have also heard that some spend time christmas eve and spend christmas with that family and then Christmas day with the other. I say follow what you believe and what really works best for you and your family or families. 🙂 Its a short post today but i wanted to wish everyone  Merry Christmas. Night all.

Christmas time!

There is only 2 more days till christmas! Is anyone else excited? 

   Let my introduce myself.

    My name is Jessica and i am 22. Still young and still learning new things every day. I had a blog a few years ago and that kinda stopped because well life caught up with me. I work full time and i have a wonderful loving boyfriend by my side. We have been together for 3 years now pretty crazy but a good crazy. Life has finally started to slow down and yet stay busy all at the same time. I had been in a car accident over a year ago and it could have been terrible but my car was well made that i didn’t too bad of injuries. I a carefree and loving and sweet and very down to earth. But enough about me let me know tell you what my blog will and is all about.

My blog is going to be about daily life. My life to be exact. I will share what i have learned as i go through things and how i find ways to get through the different trials that may happen or just how i stay motivated and going each day. You don’t realize how much motivation helps you and finding that motivation to use for yourself and not need someone else to do so. Also i may even discuss things about photography and painting. Those are a few hobbies that i have that i also do. Maybe even a few cooking gluten and dairy free because that is how it is at my house and maybe it is at yours too. 🙂  I cannot promise that i will post every day but i can say i will be sure to post every week at least. For anyone that maybe reading my blog feel free to give me advice or even ask me to discuss topics. I will talk about anything. Even the hard to talk about topics.

I am excited to she where this all goes. 🙂 

Have a wonderful christmas everyone!