New Years

SO i know that everyone does a new years resolution and its fun but do we really ever really do our resolutions? Most likely not. I know i usually could not. SO this year i decided to do something different. I had found this challenge because i had been doing her work outs and love all that she has brought to the table. The program i am doing is the 30 day Push Challenge. And so far its been so wonderfully amazing. Instead of making a resolution i am making goals and i have a specific push goal i am working towards and also getting my life organized and better then ever. I seriously would suggest this to anyone who wants a change in their life. THe challenge is completely free and so worth it in the end. I am only on day 9 so far but i am telling you its the best. Wanna try it go to the link: you really will not want to stop you will start seeing things change every day that you do the challenge.

Well i hope everyone has a wonderful new years andy hope you all enjoy everything that i am posting. 😀 have a wonderful day and stay warm


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