Back to the grind!

Well its been a busy first two days back at work but that hasn’t stopped me with my work outs and play time with my pup. 🙂 So after my Refresh that i had talked about a while ago i lost about 3lbs which i was so happy for. Since then i have been losing more and more. Which feels wonderfully amazing. I have been sticking with my soccer girl abs but starting today i need to switch it up because my body has gotten used to it. 😦 So what i am going to do today is called lower ab attack! random i am ready to feel the burn. Not only will i be doing that i have also been doing the 21 day fix extreme again but this time i will continue on through the 21 days! So my starting weight this time with it was about 192 and i am now at 187. I still have 27 more lbs to lose but with my new eating habit and making sure smaller portions and good meals and not bad i know i will continue to shed the pounds. But food planing is only the tip you have to have a good work out plan. You have to find your soul mate routine as Chalene Johnson would say. Probably next week i will be adding in Piyo to my mix and then i think i will have created my soul mate work out for me. I have also began to start helping my friend work out and help her get to where she wants to be too. As i tell her its going to take time so don’t give up on what you are striving for go full force and stick with it the results at the end are going to be oh so worth it. They are for me. Stick with me don’t give up i am here for you and to motivate and help you get to where you wanna be! Stay awesome and ask any questions that you may have. I will start here soon posting some of the foods i eat and how to cook it and try my best to tell portions too. (im not good at that one lol) Stay Tuned!!!


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