BBQ chicken tosadas 

How’s everyone’s weekend going? Mine just started and I started it right!! So today I wanted to share a recipe I made it was amazing and has all what you need too if your trying yo have all groups in it 🙂  

So tonight I made BBQ chicken tostadas! So since it was just me I did make a little extra so I can have it another day. But what I used was black beans, corn tortillas , home made salsa, home made guacamole, I used 3 frozen chicken tenderloins, red onion,  sweet baby rays BBQ sauce, and lettuce. 

So I preheated my over to 400 and put my chicken in water to cook since I used frizen not fresh. As that was going I started to cook the red onions in done coconut oil. The recipe I found said it use olive oil which you can but I prefer the coconut oil.  As that’s going I used a brush to put coconut oil on the for tortillas and cook them for about 12 mins or till crunchy. Than when the chicken was done I cut it in cubs and added it into the onions and added in the black beans I only used maybe half a cup or less. Then I added in the BBQ sauce. I didn’t measure so I would say use how much you like and how saucy you want it. I cooked it for another  minute or two then got my corn tortilla shells on a plate and put the chicken down the lettuce that I shredded and the guacamole and salsa. It was amazing!!  

     Try it for yourself and tell me what you thought!! Enjoy!  


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