Effects of soda

If your like me then you probably like soda. But do you know what soda can do to your body?  Soda isn’t the best option. Don’t get me wrong it’s great every now and again but the effects aren’t in my opinion worth it. Soda can turn your teeth darker and become stained  all the sugar that is in soda can be something that helps aid weight gain instead of weight loss. When your on a journey just like me to lose weight and not gain it soda can be your down fall. I know it has been for me many times. What can help with this? Well I can tell you what has helped me. It’s called plexus! Plexus has helped me get healthier and happier. I just recently restocked and cannot wait for my shipment to get here. 🙂 plexus helps with guy health and once your gut is in check everything else falls right into place!! Who wouldn’t want that?  Do you want to be healthy inside and out like I am working towards? Join me! I would love to talk to you about plexus and all it can do for you. Let’s be on this amazing journey together! 

See y’all next time 🙂