Effects of soda

If your like me then you probably like soda. But do you know what soda can do to your body?  Soda isn’t the best option. Don’t get me wrong it’s great every now and again but the effects aren’t in my opinion worth it. Soda can turn your teeth darker and become stained  all the sugar that is in soda can be something that helps aid weight gain instead of weight loss. When your on a journey just like me to lose weight and not gain it soda can be your down fall. I know it has been for me many times. What can help with this? Well I can tell you what has helped me. It’s called plexus! Plexus has helped me get healthier and happier. I just recently restocked and cannot wait for my shipment to get here. 🙂 plexus helps with guy health and once your gut is in check everything else falls right into place!! Who wouldn’t want that?  Do you want to be healthy inside and out like I am working towards? Join me! I would love to talk to you about plexus and all it can do for you. Let’s be on this amazing journey together! 

See y’all next time 🙂 


Why not??

Hey yall!! Hope everyone is having a great Thirsday! 
   Today I want to start off by asking a question.  If something helps you on your journey through life weather its weight loss or just getting through life why not try something that can help you? Why not? What is really holding you back? You yourself is holding you back. I have been my biggest critic and hardest person to please. 

     I have been losing weight with plexus and it has helped my journey!! I could not believe it when I tried it. I was so surprised! It’s so amazing! So why not try it? Would you try it and continue your journey? Please feel free to ask me how I am here to help no matter what journey your on I would love to! 


Need More Energy?

Hey everyone! I hope you all have had a great start of the week so far! Today I wanted to talk about Energy. Why is it we lose energy or feel like we need multiple cups of coffee or even energy drinks to make it through the day? The reason for that is because its all we know to do. What if I were to tell you that there is a way to get energy without getting energy drinks or having to drink a ton of coffee or any coffee at all? Guess what there is something! That something is called Plexus Slim along with Edge

These two products together are wonders!! If I get maybe 5 hours or less of sleep I go for my edge and slim and I feel so energized and ready for the day. I no longer need or have a want to get coffee or a energy drink at all. But these two products are the only things out there. There are so many different things that Plexus offers for whatever you might need the he with in your life. I have lost 10 lbs so far since using this, I have so much energy that I don’t know what to do with myself at times, and I love how simple this product is. All you do is add water to you slim and take you edge with it. Why wouldn’t you want something so simple and so helpful in your life. If you need more energy please let me know and I would love to help you get that energy level your looking for and accomplish whatever goals health wise you are looking for. Crete your own luck and never give up.

Later Y’all

P.S. Please let me know if you are enjoying my posts I would love to get feedback and also know what you might want to learn or hear about.



Hey everyone! Okay so last time I posted I was letting you know about something new that I take and that is helping. So what is Plexus? Plexus slim is something that you can put into your water 1 to 2 times a day. This helps with so much more then just weight loss!

All I have to say is who wouldn’t want this for themselves!! Since I started taking plexus I have had more energy and have been feeling so amazing. I have been wanting to work out again and ready to reach my goals! My goal is to continue to tell you all about plexus and how it is helping me. If you do have questions please feel free to contact me! I would love to help and answer your questions. Till next time everyone!! 🙂


Hey y’all!!!!

Man has it been some time since i have last posted and those who read and some what follow me i am so sorry! Things in life have been so extremely busy for me. But i have been continuing to work towards my goal. Things have changed such as what i take as a dietary supplement and what i have found works best and is actually pretty affordable as well. So for a update i currently am on Plexus which this stuff is so amazing. Just drink it before certain meals and along with that i take accelerator and edge. Accelerator helps boost my metabolism and edge helps more with my energy! If you want to know more about Plexus please feel free to message or comment. I currently have gone down 10lbs which is great so far. I still have about 20 more to go but i know i can do it. Just a matter of finding my grove and what works for me. I have been getting on the treadmill, do a wii fit work out and i am going to be adding in some sort of a turbo kick work out in the mix. I tried Turbo kick and realized how fun and amazing it is. cannot wait to work on it and see how my weight loss journey goes. So ready to kick these last 20 pounds to the curb!! Anyone else?

Dairy Free Life

Okay so I do not know how many people run into the same issues I do when it comes to protein drinks or foods that they should and can eat. In my household we are dairy free. What that does is it limits me and my boyfriend from certain things. Granted I am able to eat eggs and cheese and things but I do what I can to not eat those things because of my boyfriend. That really limits what I tend to be able to eat and have. I am sure that there are many people out there the same way as we are and trying to be good and figure out what to do food wise and things like that. Well there are ways around it.

I wanted to share this with you in case you are the same as us. We found a good nondairy cheese that is not bad tasting and works. We get it from Safeway and it’s made by so delicious. We are able to make pizza and calzones and have meatball subs and use the cheese. Which is great and it gives you some calcium. But the protein drinks was the struggle. So I finally found one. It’s made by EAS it is soy protein. The only one that isn’t DF is the chocolate one. Which I don’t usually get. This last time it was all they had so it’s what I got.

The next struggle is now finding recipes that are DF friendly but I have hit the jackpot lol. I have been able to find some on Pinterest which is great because that is where I find a lot of my inspirations and motivations and well everything I may want to find. If you haven’t used it I highly recommend it so many different ideas and easy ones as well. Which is amazing if you’re short on time or just want a quick meal. Now I know it is still hard figuring out good choices for DF but that’s when you do what you can and eat what you know you can and that is good.

Now how does that effect those of us who work out and are working on losing weight? I can only speak for myself and no one else. I know many people have found what works best for them and that is wonderful! Stick with it guys! What I have found to work for me is that yes I will eat like a salad of a little more starch then I should but I work it off in the end. My goal is to work out for 2-3 hours a day and to do it twice a day from now on. It’s not always easy and there are times I struggle to get up and start moving but I know that if I do I will feel so much better. So what I did was I asked my boyfriend to make sure I get up early and take our dog for a run and then do my work out and get ready for the day. He is my accountability partner right now to help me.  So if you don’t already have an accountability partner you should get one today! Ask your friend your parents you significant other or even a family member. Ask them to work out with you and motivate you. That’s the best way to do it. I have found when you have that you work harder to show that you got what it takes. So use DF as a motivator to do better and eat well and make sure that you do work off those items that might not be good.

Don’t feel the need to limit yourself any more there are options. If you have a favorite recipe let me know I would love to hear from you guys. I will start adding some of the things that I make in my house. Granted it’s probably not the healthiest option but it things we can eat and we work it off in the end. Stay tuned! J

Push through

Motivation of the day today is:  

  Your weight loss is a journey not a you gotta do it. When you think if it that way then it will be and you will give up and slide back to where you were. You don’t want that and neither do I. You need to make sure you find your soul mate work out. Mine won’t be the same as yours. I do many different things. I have been doing long walks/hikes, a new 30 day challenge, 21 day fix extreme, and sometimes Piyo and a few other mini work outs. It’s what I do but you may just be starting out take it slow. Slow and steady wins the race. I’ve slowly been losing more weight and I did my measurements and I have lost a total of 4 inches! 4!! I was super happy. I still have progress to make and it’s always going to be that way. I’m still learning what is my soul mate meal plan but that comes with time.  If you have your meal plan great you go now it’s time for the work outs. Please let me know if you want me to talk about anything you have questions about. You are all kneading and strong keep it up!! 

BBQ chicken tosadas 

How’s everyone’s weekend going? Mine just started and I started it right!! So today I wanted to share a recipe I made it was amazing and has all what you need too if your trying yo have all groups in it 🙂  

So tonight I made BBQ chicken tostadas! So since it was just me I did make a little extra so I can have it another day. But what I used was black beans, corn tortillas , home made salsa, home made guacamole, I used 3 frozen chicken tenderloins, red onion,  sweet baby rays BBQ sauce, and lettuce. 

So I preheated my over to 400 and put my chicken in water to cook since I used frizen not fresh. As that was going I started to cook the red onions in done coconut oil. The recipe I found said it use olive oil which you can but I prefer the coconut oil.  As that’s going I used a brush to put coconut oil on the for tortillas and cook them for about 12 mins or till crunchy. Than when the chicken was done I cut it in cubs and added it into the onions and added in the black beans I only used maybe half a cup or less. Then I added in the BBQ sauce. I didn’t measure so I would say use how much you like and how saucy you want it. I cooked it for another  minute or two then got my corn tortilla shells on a plate and put the chicken down the lettuce that I shredded and the guacamole and salsa. It was amazing!!  

     Try it for yourself and tell me what you thought!! Enjoy!  

Back to the grind!

Well its been a busy first two days back at work but that hasn’t stopped me with my work outs and play time with my pup. 🙂 So after my Refresh that i had talked about a while ago i lost about 3lbs which i was so happy for. Since then i have been losing more and more. Which feels wonderfully amazing. I have been sticking with my soccer girl abs but starting today i need to switch it up because my body has gotten used to it. 😦 So what i am going to do today is called lower ab attack! random i am ready to feel the burn. Not only will i be doing that i have also been doing the 21 day fix extreme again but this time i will continue on through the 21 days! So my starting weight this time with it was about 192 and i am now at 187. I still have 27 more lbs to lose but with my new eating habit and making sure smaller portions and good meals and not bad i know i will continue to shed the pounds. But food planing is only the tip you have to have a good work out plan. You have to find your soul mate routine as Chalene Johnson would say. Probably next week i will be adding in Piyo to my mix and then i think i will have created my soul mate work out for me. I have also began to start helping my friend work out and help her get to where she wants to be too. As i tell her its going to take time so don’t give up on what you are striving for go full force and stick with it the results at the end are going to be oh so worth it. They are for me. Stick with me don’t give up i am here for you and to motivate and help you get to where you wanna be! Stay awesome and ask any questions that you may have. I will start here soon posting some of the foods i eat and how to cook it and try my best to tell portions too. (im not good at that one lol) Stay Tuned!!!