This weekend I went camping.nsadly it was so cold it was a little miserable but fun none the less. I didn’t stop doing some sort if exercise. I didn’t do my at home ones but we hiked and had a great time. But I got back into my routine today though. No stopping I had to keep up what I’ve been doing. Went back to my soccer girl abs and did a cardio hitt

  But I have to say my motivation to keep going and not stop or quit has to be my man and my puppy. Helping me realize if I quit I won’t really be happy.  Never stop and never give up on you you are perfect or close in your own eyes. You yourself will be your biggest wall in anything. You want something you will go all for it. Need a accountability partner or helper follow me I’ll do all I can follow me and share my blog for any if your friends out there too! You all are awesome keep it up!! 😀 



So today I did my usual work out. But today I added in cardio intervals. So I did my core and legs/gluteus work out along with a walk this morning then on the second walk I did running intervals. So basically I would walk a shirt distance or time then run for the same amount of time. Best feeling ever!! Still traing puppy to run with me with out jumping and trying to bite lol slow work in progress!! Never give up! It’s all possible! 

Takes 21 days

It takes 31 days to create a lasting habit as I’m sure all of you knew. Well I knew it as well but I’m slowly getting back into my routines. As I gave been showing I add in a new exercise evert day, so for today I sadly didn’t get my walks only because of rain 😦 but I did the soccer abs and glute pump work out and I added this today 

 Don’t give up keep adding and going. You will get sore but the end results are so worth it!! I did forget to let you know I finished my 3 day refresh and I am down 3 lbs yay me!! Time to kero up the work 😀 if I can do it so can you stay strong. If you need encouragement or help I’m here for you 🙂 talk to you tomorrow 🙂  


I finished my 3 day refresh and have dropped about 3 lbs so far. Feeling great cannot wait to slowly incorporate my usual foods slowly and portion control it all out better 🙂 today I have bee getting back into my 2 walks a day that are about a hour I have done one work out this morning next it will be  

  I have decided that I  will continue to add work outs everyday so stay tuned everyday for a new one that who knows you may wanna try and do with me! Join me I will be here to support you and help you as well. This is my fitness journey what will yours be?

The struggle is real. 

Hi there. Not sure anyone really reads my blog but hey whatever right lol. So I haven’t been on in a long time because I have been struggling with my fitness journey I know the end result will be worth it just it’s hard to be motivated at times and at times I want all the foods I shouldn’t like pizza or something fried. Well yesterday I started a refresh to help get me back on track. The struggel is still there but I know I am doing this to be healthy and where I wanna be weight wise. And tomorrow I finish and I have a weigh in I cannot wait details to come. But before I go here is my work out today 🙂  
  I also took my puppy for a hour walk. If I can do it so can you 

Hectic Beyond knowledge

Oh my goodness! Its been way to long since i have written but its so hard when i have been so busy with work and being home by myself with my bf is gone working. But i have not stopped with my journey not one bit. I have been losing inches but have not lost much weight at this time. I have to always remind myself that i need to not look at the scale and remember how i feel and how i feel in my clothes that has helped me stay on task lately. I started a 21 day fix about 21 days ago an feel better but i plan to do it again starting next week for another 21 days and continue to get my nutrition under control and where it should be. When you do that it helps everything  else fall into place. 🙂 well sadly today is a short post but wanted to say i am still here and still working. Before and after pictures soon to come. 🙂 Stay awesome everyone!

New Years

SO i know that everyone does a new years resolution and its fun but do we really ever really do our resolutions? Most likely not. I know i usually could not. SO this year i decided to do something different. I had found this challenge because i had been doing her work outs and love all that she has brought to the table. The program i am doing is the 30 day Push Challenge. And so far its been so wonderfully amazing. Instead of making a resolution i am making goals and i have a specific push goal i am working towards and also getting my life organized and better then ever. I seriously would suggest this to anyone who wants a change in their life. THe challenge is completely free and so worth it in the end. I am only on day 9 so far but i am telling you its the best. Wanna try it go to the link: you really will not want to stop you will start seeing things change every day that you do the challenge.

Well i hope everyone has a wonderful new years andy hope you all enjoy everything that i am posting. 😀 have a wonderful day and stay warm

Christmas day!

Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope you all had a great day as i have had with my families.

So does anyone have many houses to try to make it to each year for Christmas? Well i do. About 3 houses. I usually stop by and see my family for a little on Christmas and then head to my boyfriends family. Then Christmas day with his parents then family for dinner and the in the evening my family. It works great for us but maybe not for you. I have also heard that some spend time christmas eve and spend christmas with that family and then Christmas day with the other. I say follow what you believe and what really works best for you and your family or families. 🙂 Its a short post today but i wanted to wish everyone  Merry Christmas. Night all.

Christmas time!

There is only 2 more days till christmas! Is anyone else excited? 

   Let my introduce myself.

    My name is Jessica and i am 22. Still young and still learning new things every day. I had a blog a few years ago and that kinda stopped because well life caught up with me. I work full time and i have a wonderful loving boyfriend by my side. We have been together for 3 years now pretty crazy but a good crazy. Life has finally started to slow down and yet stay busy all at the same time. I had been in a car accident over a year ago and it could have been terrible but my car was well made that i didn’t too bad of injuries. I a carefree and loving and sweet and very down to earth. But enough about me let me know tell you what my blog will and is all about.

My blog is going to be about daily life. My life to be exact. I will share what i have learned as i go through things and how i find ways to get through the different trials that may happen or just how i stay motivated and going each day. You don’t realize how much motivation helps you and finding that motivation to use for yourself and not need someone else to do so. Also i may even discuss things about photography and painting. Those are a few hobbies that i have that i also do. Maybe even a few cooking gluten and dairy free because that is how it is at my house and maybe it is at yours too. 🙂  I cannot promise that i will post every day but i can say i will be sure to post every week at least. For anyone that maybe reading my blog feel free to give me advice or even ask me to discuss topics. I will talk about anything. Even the hard to talk about topics.

I am excited to she where this all goes. 🙂 

Have a wonderful christmas everyone!